Why are Social Media Platforms Important for Brand Awareness?

Social Medias are one of the most preferred platforms for marketing. It just makes sense. Because it’s a platform with tons of people and thus giving you the potential to be seen by more and more people. 

However, not all brands can establish their brand and, be more likely to just another face in the crowd, doesn’t it? 

The reality, though? If you’re struggling to stand out as a brand, you’re not alone. 

No, seriously. 

Because you do the same mistake as done by other strugglers. 

Let’s be more precise. 

Are you using social media to increase sales? 

If your answer sounds ‘Yes’, then this is why you’re still struggling. And so I’m writing this blog to tell you why are Social Media Platforms Important for Brand Awareness? Not to increase sales. 

Based on data from Sprout’s Social Index, brand awareness represents social marketers’ top priority right now. 

With more and more people taking to social media to research and sound off on brands, getting your target audience’s attention is easier said than done. 

70% of marketers prefer to increase brand awareness with social media. Second to this is sales/lead generation (59%), which is likely to reflect the larger goals of an organization and may not be suited to social media for every company. Other goals that marketers have for social media include increasing community engagement (48%), growing the brand’s audience (46%), and increasing web traffic (45%).

These figures show that while social media is increasingly becoming a space for selling or for directing traffic, it is still predominantly all about increasing awareness. 

Priorities your investment in Social Media 

While having a presence across several social media platforms is the best option, understanding where to put the bulk of your investment is vital. With the main goal for marketers when it comes to their social strategies being increasing brand awareness, it’s no wonder that over half (54%) prioritize which social platforms to invest in based on potential audience reach and this is the biggest reason.  

Understanding Consumers’ Motivation 

The easiest way to Increase Brand Awareness and to gain more and more people is to be consumer-centric. After all, what’s the use to provide the wrong content to the wrong people. Brand awareness will be unsuccessful if you try to put your brand to Non Interested people.

So it’s important to understand consumers’ motivation and post the content as per their likings and habits. Doing this will lead to an increase in your potential followers. 

The Sprout Social report also includes information on why consumers take certain actions (Follow or Unfollow), which should always be a base part of targeting an audience. 

According to the report, 50% of consumers follow brands on social media to learn about new products or services, which is the biggest motivation. This can be best for you if you’re product and service are unique or innovative. 

Over a third (36%) follow brands to be inspired, showing that aspirational content is still a big deal, while 35% look for educational content. Both of these reasons provide strong ideas for content and can help you produce a varied strategy. 

But don’t produce sales-y content too much, this can be a powerful reason to Unfollow your brand. 

But what types of Posts lead to more engagement? 

Here is the answer 

Relevancy in content and targeted Consumers’ likings is most important. 

Apart from this, the report says posts that entertain are more likely to be liked or shared on a platform. This means that posts that aren’t necessarily about the product or service on offer but that shows the personality of a brand are more likely to see greater engagement. 

Inspirational posts are also in great demand. On the flip side, posts with discounts and sales offers are less likely to get Share, Commenting, or likes. 

So the post should be

–       Educational

–       Inspirational

–       Informative (but not sales-y) 

Several experts do a great job of letting you in on who is talking about you and your industry. You’ll be able to see where your brand is mentioned and on what networks. That way you can plan a course of action and use it to build your brand awareness. 

3 step to increase Brand Awareness through Social Media Campaign 

Let’s be honest, there are several effective ways proved by experts, to be best for a social media campaign. But among all, here I’m going to share only 3 steps that matter most! 

Step 1: Be Visually Stunning 

They do say an image is worth a thousand words… and it’s true. Visuals are appealing. People will stop scrolling to stare at something if it’s interesting. 

You can find ways to incorporate your brand into images too, to help make your logo or name more well-known. After all, you first have to start with brand recognition before you can work towards achieving brand awareness. 

Paid Ads campaign is a great addition to it. You use paid ads and campaigns wisely, you have great potential for increasing brand awareness. 

 Whether you try your hand with influencers, referral marketing, or simply promote your content, you can reach a specific goal, in visually appealing ways. 

Step 2: Work on Each Social Media Platforms Wisely 

If you’re using all social media platforms then it’s important, that you give proper time to optimize each platform. 

Even if it’s to talk about the same thing. You need to make the message native to the platform for the best chance of it catching someone’s eye. 

You’ll need to consider what else should be done for other platforms as well. 

Step 3: Enable two-way communication 

If you participate in engagement yourself, others will see that it’s not just a one-way street. By doing so, you’ll also likely see an increase in your social currency, and find that people are more likely to mention and recommend you. 


Even though, people use social media platforms to boost sales. Social media is key for boosting brand awareness, but to do this, you need to have a good understanding of your audience. This allows you to create relevant content – which shouldn’t all be sales-focused – and deliver the right type of customer service. 

Overall, social media is not all about sales, but it’s about, engagement contributes to your return on investment and how to tie this to your strategic goals. 

If you’re interested to optimize social media platforms, to build strong Brand Awareness, then get your free consultation on it. 

Tell me your favorite social media platforms, to build strong Brand Awareness, in the easiest way? So that I’ll help you to leverage that more effectively. 

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