Digital Marketing Interview with My Mentor

Q1. What is Digital Marketing according to you and why are you interested in pursuing a career in it?

Digital Marketing provides an opportunity for many people with a very little spending. 

Q2. Do you believe that there are limitations or challenges to Digital Marketing and how would you overcome these?

Online marketing is useful in today’s time, but before that Offline marketing (salesperson) was successful. Still, Offline media has not vanished completely.

Q3. What are the differences between Digital Marketing and Branding in business?

Digital Marketing – Communicates or sends/receives a specific message to our target audience according to a niche.

Branding – Advertises or Projects your brand

Q4. What is your strategy to improve our current business through Digital Marketing?

In Digital Marketing Data plays a very important role, using that you will be able to find where our customers are spending their time, according to that we can decide which strategy and which platform we have to apply.

Q5. According to you, how many years has this Digital Market been booming?

According to me, we have more than 10 years in Digital Marketing but Data Science also has that much potential.

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