7 Most Common Yet Costly Google Ads Mistakes That You Need To Take Care Of

Your Google Ads is now ready to go live. 

Hearty Congratulations!! 

But wait, are you 100% sure that this Ads campaign will bring you huge targeted customers, Leads, and Sales. Being a human, we always want more from any of the paid digital marketing strategies. And so with this. 

But before you want the best results or more results from any of your paid digital marketing strategies. It is important to take care that your strategies should be proven and with the correct approach to grab your targeted customers and can help you to generate more leads and sales. 

So if you are running Google Ads for your business you need to take care of all the strategies you are going to put before it will go live. Because you may have spent a huge amount on Google advertising

However, this amount can be wasted if you did not care about all the common mistakes that many of us come across. In my past times, even I suffered from this same mistake which I don’t want you to repeat. 

For this, I have listed the 7 Most Common Yet Costly Google Ads Mistakes That You Need To Take Care Of

#1. Default campaign targeting options (Search Network & Display Network) 

#2. Not Adding Extensions 

#3. Poor Keyword Research 

#4. Not Tracking 

#5. Ignoring Search Partner Traffic 

#6. Having No or Less Ad Variation for Each Ad Group 

#7. Avoiding the Search Term Report 

#1  Default campaign targeting options (Search Network & Display Network) 

When creating search network campaigns, you have the option to choose Search Network, Display Network, or both. Believe it or not, when done correctly, this dynamic duo can work together to get better results than you can get from doing either one alone. 

But if you are choosing either of them, then Search Network is more worthy than Display Network. It is because Google will try to place your ad on relevant websites. But it will not appear to people who are actively searching for you while with Search Network you can easily connect to prospective customers who are actively searching for you. 

#2. Not Adding Extensions 

From 2018 onwards Google Ads allows you to add extensions to target your audience more effectively. But even in 2020 many of you avoid using it which is your biggest mistake. 

Using ad extensions can be an extremely effective way to increase your clicks. You can add site link extensions, you can add callout extensions, structured snippet extensions, message extensions, location extensions, and price extensions are other types of useful extensions you can use. 

Tip: When targeting mobile customers, it is recommended to use call extensions or message extensions through which you can enable mobile users to call you or send you a message, right on their mobile phones. 

#3. Poor Keyword Research 

One of the most important elements of a successful ad campaign is strong keywords research. But most of you often don’t do it properly and then come up with poor keyword research results in worthless ad campaigns. 

You can’t select keywords based on what you believe people are searching for, or based on what you would search. It is imperative to use tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner to find the right and relevant keywords for your account. 

And for 90% avoid the broad match keyword as they will bring in a lot of irrelevant traffic driving up your costs and CPA while reducing your overall account rank. 

#4. Not Tracking 

Understanding the definition of success is important, but unless you’re tracking the results of your advertising you’ll never know if your ads are profitable. 

I know many of you are still avoiding it and it is understood as you may get busy with other important stuff. But this one is your mistake as you are ignoring your targeted customers which will result in your low conversion rates.

#5. Ignoring Search Partner Traffic 

The Search network is a combination of Google.com and Search partners like AOL, Ask, and even Amazon. 

If you find that your performance in the Search Partner network is poor, you have the option to turn it off. And, while there’s no way to figure out which partner websites are working and which ones are not working, you can still optimize your Search Partner traffic. 

 Login into your Google Ads campaign to see if you’re making this mistake. Google Ads can be overwhelming, but when you’re looking at the right reports, then things start to look a whole lot clearer.

#6. Having No or Less Ad Variation for Each Ad Group 

It’s easy to think that you have that one ad that’s just going to crush the competition and outsmart Google’s Ad Rank algorithm. 

Your one ad may have all of that ad group’s keywords beautifully intertwined to create the most compellingly enticing message known to man — But the reality of the matter is that in the field of marketing, testing is KEY. 

Remember, the testing never stops. I say that because ad fatigue is a real phenomenon that beginners aren’t typically aware of.  And so this same mistake I did as a beginner. 

TIP: It is recommended to produce three ad variations per ad group. Once you create the three variants, let the campaign for a couple of months. Then collect the data and analyze the performance of each ad variation for each ad group.

#7. Avoiding the Search Term Report 

Once you have put all your efforts into researching and discovering the keywords you wish to target, your job is completed. This is where you do one little known yet common mistake. With this, you are simply avoiding the best opportunity to grab right at low CPC. 

 The search terms report gives a visual into the actual search queries that are triggering your ads, based on your targeted keywords. This allows you to see what visitors are searching for and can provide insight into any gaps between your keywords and actual search queries. 


Google Ads is one of the most trendy ways of paid advertisement which helps you to directly connect your potential audience. But numerous Google Ads campaigns result in Zero return. 

This is because you are also doing the same mistake as done by others. So to avoid this and make you Every Ads campaign successful, I had you this 7 Most Common Yet Costly Google Ads Mistakes That You Need To Take Care Of.

However, this can be surely if its ad campaign will plan and run by the Experts. At DesignLab, we are a team of experts who can help you with a Successful Ad campaign under your budget.

Share your first mistakes while running Google Ads Campaign?

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