7 Best Tips For Google My Business(GMB) Optimization

You might have spent a huge amount on your business promotion or to gain more potential customers or to build your online presence. 

These all you get from only SEO. SEO always plays an important role, so it is very costly and you might need a good amount to increase your SEO ranking on Google Search Engine.

But with Google My Business, you can freely put your business name on Top Google Search Results. 

That it is your freely available SEO tools which help to rank higher. 

But this is possible only if you use the proper yet best strategy for Google My Business Optimization.

So here’s my most powerful yet practically proven 7 Best Tips For Google My Business Optimization

  1. Complete Your Full Business Profile Accurately to get it verified easily
  2. Stay Tuned With All the Suggestion and Updates
  3. Engage Your Potential Customers with regular and attractive posts
  4. Respond and Write all Questions and Reviews Genuinely
  5. Use Relevant Emojis On Business Profile
  6. Set Up The Messaging System
  7. Maintain Your Profile With An Effective Google My Business (GMB) Strategy

GMB is a free and official SEO tool launched by Google Inc. 

Getting on Google My Business can increase your website visibility which in turn will help you to increase your potential customers. It helps you to rank organically in Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, etc.

People are more attracted to the online search to find anything over any service. 

This is obvious as with an online search you can find the best service provider nearby very easily and quickly.

Study shows 80% of all searches happen on Google. And 60% of people who do local Search from Google end up visiting the chosen on the same day.

Also for local business, it is not easier to get rank on the first page but with proper GMB optimizations, you can easily increase your listing rank for the relevant search.

1. Complete Your Full Business Profile Accurately to get it verified easily

Accuracy and consistency is an important factor to build a strong enough customer relationship. 

Especially for potential customers who come to know about your company through an online search.

So while creating your business profile for Google My Business, you must complete all the required fields which are relevant for your business. 

Make Google find no offense from your profile since it can reject your GMB profile permanently. No spam and No manipulation like redirecting to any different websites rather your official website with any wrong and irrelevant information. 

Doing this can only be helpful to lose your potential customers.

2. Stay Tuned With All the Suggestion and Updates

Google is always used to add new features to enhance your and your customer’s experience.

And so helps you with new suggestions and updates for better Google My Business listing.

Google offers basic data to fill out on your business profile to make it easier to connect with potential customers. 

However if you don’t fill it, someone else can do that. That is Google offers a feature where anyone can suggest or edit a change; this includes your competitors too. 

And the worst part is that these suggested edits are made live on your current business profile automatically.

Many owners even don’t know about this feature and just ignore these changes without actually knowing about it. 

However, to grab attention over these changes google sent you some notifications of updates and suggestions which you might generally ignore.

But if you stay tuned with all these updates, you can easily manage these changes. 

That is you can discard the change that you don’t want and can keep the changes that you liked.

3. Engage Your Potential Customers with regular and attractive posts

Contents are an important yet trendy way to keep your potential customers engaged with some cool yet attractive stuff. 

And you can do this regularly with Google My Business Posts.

Google Posts are almost like “mini-ads” or “social media posts” that show up in Google search in your Google My Business listing (in the Knowledge Panel and on Google Maps).

The suggestion is to create relevant content that shows relevance to your business, products, services, or events. 

However, if you have no Ideas to create attractive content, you can connect with any GMB optimizations expert for this.

4. Respond and Write all Questions and Reviews Genuinely

QnA is one of the best ways to build your trusted impression on your audience or prospective customers. 

In this, you can easily answer all the questions of your customers or can respond to all your genuine reviews. Isn’t it very cool?

It’s like google is offering you a direct way to attach emotionally with your prospects.

Answering all questions would even help you to get a new audience. 

But then too, I don’t why many profile holders do not take care of this opportunity to grab customers.

According to a study done by getting Five Stars, 25 percent of locations on Google Maps have questions (and many of those questions are probably STILL unanswered).

5. Use Relevant Emojis On Business Profile

Peoples especially Millenium love using emojis while searching, chatting rather than normal words. 

So to enhance their experience google had launched new features to index emoji-relevant search results. (In fact, you can now search Google by “tweeting” an emoji at it!)

It helps your post to look attractive and also increases your local SEO. Isn’t it a great feature?

6. Set Up The Messaging System

The message system on your GMB is another great feature to establish a good relationship with your customers.

With Google’s new My Business Messaging feature, you can now message your clients directly through your Google local panel in mobile search.

However you might think, how will it be going to help you with SEO?

The Messaging system provides your prospective customers with another platform to reach out to you in case of any query. 

It might be possible that you may forget to add some essential details.

So with this feature, customers can directly reach out to you for an instant guide.

Also, this feature allows you to tag your business with geo-specific locations to attract your target audience.

7. Maintain Your Profile With An Effective Google My Business (GMB) Strategy

Google always looks for an engaged searcher and the best service provider likes to enhance the overall experience. 

And this is possible only with great content, proper strategy to rank on top three GMB listing for relevant search results.

So maintain your profile with an effective GMB optimizations strategy and make proper use of all features to increase your SEO.


Google My Business is one of the most powerful ways to boost a business’ online visibility and local search optimization. 

And this is possible only with proper yet proven strategies.

So I helped you with some of my practically tried and tested 7 Tips for better Google My Business Optimization.

However, with an expert, you can achieve your dream success with your GMB profile.

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