3 Worst Changes and Challenges in Branding That You Need To Take Care of

Branding, a marketing practice that creates your identity, your symbol, and makes you identifiable among the crowd. Branding is important because not only because it makes a memorable impression on consumers but it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your firm.

Your brand is built to be a true representation of who you are as a business, and how you wish to be perceived.  So you need to use the best yet proper Branding Strategy for your branding.

Here the word ‘Proper Branding Strategy’ means a strategy that can guarantee you to achieve your goal, which can potentially increase your audience traffic and can help you to grab your prospective customers or target audience.

I know you have always tried to get such types of strategy for your company branding, Product branding, or any. And to achieve this, you may undergo numerous complex analyses, considering different criteria to design that one Best yet Proper Branding Strategy.

Also, this is one of the daunting and time-consuming tasks. So to make it a little bit easier, here I have analyzed the top 3 Worst changes and challenges in Branding. 

How we got these 3 most desirable changes and challenges of branding ignoring which can fall down your branding in 2020.

Digitalization has been booming for the last 3 to 4 years. This is because more and more are enrolling themselves in a digital world. It can be either as an employer, company owner, entrepreneur, and marketing expert, or as a consumer.

Since the crowd in the digital world is rapidly increasing it becomes hard to stand out with your product or services among the crowd especially in 2020. This is because Advancing technology might mean increased opportunities for brands but also new hoops for them to jump through.

So to help you with this we have come up with 3 Worst Changes and Challenges in Branding. This data is analyzed by the reviews and experiences of some greatly known Marketing Experts. 

3 Worst Challenges in Branding 2020

> Optimizing Your Brand for Voice Search

> ROI Vs Brand Awareness

> Building an Identifiable Brand Name

Optimizing Your Brand for Voice Search

The rise of voice search, which is one of the major marketing trends for 2020. Projections show that at least 50% of all online searches will be conducted through smart assistants by 2020, so your strategies need to change to account for this. Strategies that can phrase the verbal queries and information that your target audience may ask.

Voice searches are carried based on artificial intelligence-enabled virtual assistants; thus, it becomes important for brand marketers to adjust to this technology and continually take a shot at building their SEO strategies that are streamlined and enhanced to engage with the online shoppers.

ROI Vs Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness using social media platforms is very easy and costly. You can readily increase your brand awareness just by hiring any macro influencer of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

But, is only a brand awareness of your goal? Of course not.

You need this grab your prospects customers that are to increase your ROI. So you need to avoid using social media platforms blindly which is increasing rapidly in 2020.

Also, even your customers know that those influencers can influence anything if they get good money. But you need to find the influencers which can not only increase your brand awareness but also you’re ROI through good results.

Building an Identifiable Brand Name

Online purchase is increasing rapidly in 2020. With more and more buyers going directly to Amazon rather than search engines to find products, online B2C visibility is becoming increasingly difficult. It’s therefore important to build a brand name as quickly as possible so that shoppers eventually search for you by name, rather than by product. Offline marketing campaigns, such as print catalogs and postcards, can be effective complements to online campaigns. 

3 Worst Changes in Branding 2020

> Declining Organic Reach

> Smart billboards

> E-Sports marketing tie-ups

Declining Organic Reach

In recent years Facebook, which owns Instagram, has implemented a decrease in organic reach among these two social channels to force B2C marketers to spend more money on paid advertising.

 This has made it difficult to reach potential customers without spending a lot of money and I believe it will only get worse in 2020.

Smart billboards

The brand tends to buy over and dominate the whole screen with their advertisements to ensure visibility and attention from consumers. Making use of digital billboards allows Samsung to create moving advertisements that will get the attention of consumers. 

Since the customer experience is consistently evolving smart billboards has set up its presence for effective communication. And it shows a great interest among the crowd, especially in millennials.

So you need to use smart billboards in a Branding 2020.

E-Sports marketing tie-ups

E-Sports hit the big time in 2019, with industry revenue exceeding more than $1 billion. There are now five premier titles, and viewership is starting to rival that of traditional sports. Recent trends in marketing indicate this is a big opportunity for brands.

KFC scooped three awards at The Drum Digital Advertising Awards APAC for its Colonel KL campaign, which aimed to make the brand an integral part of League of Legends, the world’s most popular e-Sport game.  

KFC is itself a big brand using these marketing trends to reach out to its millennial audience. So as you need to do to grab your target audience especially millennium. 

The worst thing is that it requires a huge budget for effective branding in e-Sports marketing. But then too, for effective branding, it is important to keep in your bucket list of branding.


Branding is an important and broad concept which requires a detailed analysis and expertise plan and execution. 

However, it is a bit time consuming, daunting yet must-do task to create a recognizable brand identity. To make your task a little bit easier, here I had shared with you 3 Worst Changes and Challenges in Branding 2020. Avoiding these factors can leave you with bad results because you may not include some important concepts in your branding.

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What was your Branding Challenge in 2020?

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