10 Secrets About Website Designing Which as a Website Designer or an Organization Must Know

Being a web designer, you know that your work isn’t just limited to coding. Web designing is an international market and of course, you want to reach the heights. Also, website designing happens to be one of the most important aspects behind the success of a website. At least 50% of people believe that. So it’s obvious you need to have creative imaginations and some secrets about website designing.

10 Secrets by Design Lab About Website Designing

These 10 secrets about website designing by Design Lab will help you make that bit of difference which will help your company generate good revenue, but with time, will help you be the ideal website designer. So let’s deep dive into those 10 secrets about website designing.

1. Psychology Plays an Important role:

Just because psychology plays an important role doesn’t mean that you need to be trained or certified in psychology. Just reading a few books, articles can serve the purpose. Since web design revolves mainly around user experience and user interface, try to understand how a customer will respond to the interface.

 Is the interface user-friendly? Is it colourful? Does it give aesthetic vibes? A study claims that 50% of people believe that web design is an important aspect and marks the credibility of a website. It is because the design has the power to build up strong emotions. It is not only limited to colourful pictures but also the typography, illustrations as well.

The little space, clarity in vision can make a lot of impacts. So visual effects form the main foundation in persuading and convincing people. So, learn a bit of psychology for that purpose.

2. Beauty lies in simplicity:

The less is the substance, the more is the speed. You don’t want to lose a customer right? Put content and links front and centre by eliminating clicks. Create a customer-centric simple website. Don’t make the customer play hide and seek on your website. Probably he won’t have the patience to do so.

3. Site speed is a necessity, not an option:

Remember that over 60% of people switch over to a different website if the loading speed is more than 3 seconds. Site speed influences everything, right from bounce rate to customer retention to conversions and generating leads and revenue.

This secret about website designing is the least debated fact in the field of web designing. However, ensure that you or your organization is doing sufficient investment in website designing.

4. Marketing and Web-designing go hand-in-hand:

Just take an example. If your client is looking for an eCommerce platform, then their main motive is to gain a market. That market will be primarily established by web designing. The main motive isn’t about displaying the picture of the products. But as in what will be the best way to make a person buy it.

To know that, you need to have a fair knowledge of marketing. What gets the customer clicking on a Call To Action button? What irritates the buyer? What does the buyer love? These questions can help you understand the market scenario and design the website as per the business requirements.

5. Presentation Matters. So is scrolling:

It is always a secret about website designing which not many follow. If you have lots and lots of information, then rather than creating a different page for every heading, compress the details in one page and include a slider.

Nowadays, owing to social media usage, customers prefer sliding much more than clicking. Include a sliding option and see visible results. By the way, do you observe that here marketing is and understanding your customer is playing an important role? Surely, as a website designer, you do!

6. Understanding your Audience:

What is the aim of the website? Who are the main visitors of the website? If this information isn’t in your pocket, then you are on the losing side of the battle. Do proper research on your customers, their requirements.

This secret about website designing is the most neglected fact in the field of web designing. However, don’t make this mistake.  Ask questions to yourself from your client’s perspective. In this process, you will learn about their main focus. Are they providing sufficient information? |Are they buying products? Are they interested and excited enough to know about your latest product?

7. Updating your site frequently:

A stale website can never attract fresh customers. If the content remains the same with time, remember to lose a customer daily with time. Give your customers a reason to visit your site back. Whether it’s blogs or new products or new visuals, every update matters. If you are running out of ideas, share the latest news, the work-life of your employees or share your story.

8. Under Promising and over-delivering:

Don’t try to go beyond your limits just to convince or boast yourself in front of someone. You are the only one who can define your skills, your potential and your ability to complete a task on time. Promise only what you can deliver.

No one will be happy if you promise the world but offer the Atlas. The situation will even worsen in a time of urgency. However, if you’re able to reach your targets sufficiently before time while meeting the quality objectives, it’s a plus point.

9. Never Work alone:

Being a web designer, you will have to interact with a number of developers, to make the work possible. So you need to understand the logic behind the code, its implementation and what can be the best and optimal solution in connecting with the backend.

If you are an introvert, we would suggest you come out of your cocoon and communicate clearly. Talk, express yourself. Give suggestions, take advice and discuss. Collaborate with your clients. Understand their requirements. If you feel you might get stuck at a place, do let them know. In this process, you will come to learn many new things as well.

10. Use the right listing order:

Ordered and unordered lists, both are an awesome way to make information more accessible. However, keep the serial position effect in mind. The serial position effect states that usually, the human mind remembers the bullet point in the beginning and the end, and tends to forget the middle section. So it’s essential to keep the highly important information at both ends.

What are your Favourite secrets about website designing?

These were a few secrets from our side which we think should be in the sleeves of every designer. Nevertheless, sharing is growing. Feel free to comment on your favorite secret in the comment section below and let this website designing community grow. With that stated, sign up for Design Lab’s e-newsletter to get the most recent updates on the ever-converting international web design. Visit website: www.design-lab.co.in

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