10 Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies You Probably Aren’t Using

 Digital Marketing is like a never-ending ocean filled with different marketing strategies, marketing elements. 

 But among all, few elements always emerge as a foremost choice of all digital marketers; Powerful strategies that you may have missed. 

Presenting your user-generated top 10 power digital marketing strategies

They are….. 

●     Voice Search 

●     Visual Search 

●     Affiliate Marketing 

●     Referral Marketing 

●     Video Marketing 

●     User-generated content 

●     Live experience 

●     Shoppable Posts 

●     Chatbots 

●     Gamification 

Let’s get into detailed information about each strategy….. 

1. Voice Search 

Let be honest, among all your daily search, which type of searches you love the most…. 

Voice search or normal text search? 

I know your answer. 

 It’s a voice search. And, why not?  We all love the comfort of not typing long texts. 

This is what happens with most of your target audience too. They love doing voice-over normal text search, which made it one of the most trendy 2021 digital marketing strategies. 

Even Google now promoting a voice search in different languages with the tagline 

 ” kisse bolna ho ye pata ho to bolne se sab hota” 


“if we know whom to say, we can do anything by speaking”. 

Not only Google but trends of Alexa, Siri, Cortana also makes a voice search the next big trends of digital marketing. 

So you need to care that your contents, website, products, services, or anything rank for voice search. For that, create content by using a keyword that your customer may use while voice search. 

It’s important to note that keywords used for normal search and voice search are quite different. 

Let’s say, if I’m looking for a Chinese restaurant then for a normal search I’ll type “Chinese restaurant”. But in the case of voice search ” Where is the closest Chinese restaurant?” 

2. Visual Search 

While moving around the road, you like one product but you are not able to understand the product name. Know nothing about it, but damn curious to more. Maybe you want to buy it. How will you do then? 

For that Google had introduced visual search where simply by uploading that picture, you get complete details of that particular product. Not only details but it helps to know everything that you should know and also show you more similar products to encourage your buying mood. 

With visual search, google turning the user’s camera into a search tool. 

So optimized your services, products in a way that they should rank on visual search. 

Tips to leverage visual search 

●     Upload high-quality images tagged with descriptive keywords 

●     Introduce an image search into your online inventory 

●     If your target market uses Pinterest, consider advertising here 

3. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing allows others to do marketing for you and drive you leads, for which you pay them a certain pre-determined commission or a fee per sale. 

Amazon and Flipkart are some of the best examples of affiliate marketing. More than 50% of their leads occur from their affiliate. 

4. Referral/Affiliate Marketing 

Referral Marketing is similar to affiliate marketing with the only difference that you encourage users to share referral codes in their circles. 

5. Video Marketing 

Video content is the marketing strategy that offers one of the highest conversion rates of any form of marketing. 

Customer spends more time on watching videos than on contents which increase the engagement rate. As video content allows people to see the face behind the brand, it also helps you to build a trusted impression. 

With the increasing demand for videos, Google also promotes video content. Page/website containing videos are 53X more likely to get a first-page spot in search results. Having video content improves SEO and can boost your business’s ranking.  

6. User-generated content 

User-generated content (UGC) is one of the best ways to build a trusted impression among the audience. And, it’s a cost-effective way that requires negligible investment compared to other types of content. 

Appropriately moderated, user-generated content can be a powerful tool for your website’s SEO. 

Live experience 

7. Shoppable Posts 

Why is automation booming? Because it allows people to do nothing in that particular case. 

The same strategy should be followed to convert your target audience. Optimize your strategies in a way that contains as much fewer clicks/actions as possible. 

One of the best ways of doing this a shoppable posts. It allows your customers to buy your products services directly through your shared social media posts. 

Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook have all introduced ways for e-commerce stores to create shoppable posts. Using a native integration, they’ve made it easy to tag and shop products directly in your posts. For online retailers, this is a great way to drive traffic to product pages. 

By introducing this feature, you can reach a wider audience, convert more customers. 

8. Chatbots 

Chatbots – a cost-effective 24*7 customer service. With convenience to shop from anywhere, people need immediate customer support to rectify any issues related to purchasing. 

In that case, chatbots are the best way to provide immediate assistance with common questions they may come across, to collect more details about customers, and provide personalized recommendations. 

9. Gamification 

As the number of smartphone users tremendously boosting, gamification appears as a new trending strategy of branding. 

Gamification means rebuilding your branding and marketing strategy with the game features. As games are fun, addictive, it helps you to generate more customer engagement, increase brand awareness, build customer trust. 

You can use this feature for advertisements to convert more customers. 

As it provides a clear call to action in the form of a prize or reward, it ultimately helps you to generate more sales. 

Few examples of Gamification 

●     Spin the wheel to get discount or bumper offers 

●     Scavenger hunt – find everything and get a reward (a discount, free download, etc.) 


This list of strategies is not only a powerful but also a trendy choice for 2021 Digital Marketing. Make sure you involve these strategies to reach the bulls eye. 

In case you are not sure, need expert help with the digital marketing of your brand. Connect with me and my specialized digital marketer team at DesignLab.

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