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The scientists and artists in the Design Lab have no qualms or hesitation in claiming to be the real experts in the science and art of commercial communication called marketing communication, also called advertising - all its forms and in all media. We are a team of account planners, business developers, and account service providers, visualizers, and commercial art designers, copywriters specializing in developing and delivering communication in all forms of media.



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In the world of advertisement-form of communication, branding is sacrosanct. It lends a product or service identity, respectability, credibility, desirability, memorability and even longevity. It enables the buyer to prefer one over the others. Branding makes the product or service valuable. From suggesting brand names to developing

and brand value, Design Lab has done them all.

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Web Development

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Today no business is local and no market is localised. For even if a marketer is catering to a limited geographic segment, the competition as well as opportunities are international and global and the website is the medium .Websites have evolved from being just a medium of information and communication to

a gateway of commercial transaction. As experts in all forms and media of communication, Design Lab specialises in designing, programming and hosting advanced websites for all industries.

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Conventional Advertising

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Conventional but not casual. The conventional form of advertising includes the print, OOH, audio (radio), audio-video (television commercial) as well as multimedia films. Design Lab is extremely strong in customary as well as customised concept, content, design, production departments of each form and medium of communication.

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Environmental Graphic Design (EGD)

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Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) embraces many design disciplines including graphic, architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial design, all concerned with the visual aspects of wayfinding, communicating identity and information, and shaping the idea of creating experiences that connect people to

place. As such, it is also called Experiential Graphic Design. Design Lab provides Environmental or Experiential Graphic Design for workplaces like offices and factories, retail outlet and chains, exhibition stalls, venues and other point-of-contacts.

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Clients First

For communication to be relevant and effective, it needs to be timely. The marketplace is ever dynamic and unpredictable and despite the best of planning, there could be unforeseen requirements from the client. Design Lab understands the push and pulls, the compulsions and pressures of working in the advertising industry.

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We are receptive and responsive to the geographically local clients as well as flexible to geographically international clients operating in different time zones.

We believe that “every minute matter for an Hour just as “Every client matter for Good Business” We assure quality and timely delivery. When the world becomes the marketplace,

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Quality Reigns Supreme

your communication has to compete with the best. Again, every single communication contributes to the complex structure known as brand. A brand is only as good as what it conveys and communicates through emotional quotient and visual cues and symbols. Design Lab considers quality as an uncompromising factor in the

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entire communication and communication process.

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People’s Company

Being in the service industry with a heavy dependency upon the people and the expertise they bring to the business, Design Lab places a premium on people and their work performance. At Design Lab, talent is respected, performance is rewarded and people are prized assets. The agency provides an environment and work culture conducive to the creative minds.

Proven and the Proofs

Design Lab has been in the industry for almost a decade now.
It’s credentials are best judged by the testimonies of the clients from different industries who have experienced its expertise.
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Why Design Lab?

Defining the problems and opportunities, researching the client and the competition, analysing the market conditions, collecting relevant data, probing into different situations, raising questions, checking on new possibilities, fixing the timelines, predicting the outcome; what may sound as a scientific methodology is actually the communication development and delivery process in this agency, that for good reasons, is called the Design Lab.
  • Branding Companies Promoter’s cumulative experience of 2 decades in the industry
  • Emailer Clear understanding of the needs of different industries and their vertical
  • Exhibition Hands-on expertise in different media (conventional and contemporary)
  • Stall Take a holistic view of advertising and promotional communication
  • Logo Systematic approach to every assignment
  • Design Studio Work towards developing and maintaining long-term win-win business associations
  • Design Agency Full-service agency
  • P2P A person-to-person (P2P) organization